Fill The Application For Australian Citizenship Online

Citizenship is an important stepping stone in the immigration of a person. In this blog, you will learn how to get an australian citizenship application online in Singapore.

NTRUST is the first Australian migration agency established in Singapore. They have processed thousands of visa applicants and helped them get Australian PR easily. With their help, you don’t need to worry about any complex process, as they will complete all the formalities of the application until the visa gets approved. NTRUST also helps a person with permanent residency to get citizenship eventually, but before proceeding, you have to meet these requirements.

Australian Citizenship Online

Eligibility criteria for Australian immigration and citizenship

  • You have to be a permanent resident of Australia before you apply for citizenship.
  • You should live in Australia when you are applying for the application.
  • You spent sufficient time in Australia, and know everything about the country.
  • You plan to settle down in Australia and have roots in that country.

Benefits of staying in Australia

  • If you have an Australian passport, you can get entry to 170 countries without a visa. You also get the consular assistance with this passport, no matter which country you visit.
  • You can leave Australia whenever you want, and you don’t need to apply for a resident return visa every five years.
  • You become eligible to work in government offices and defense services. This privilege is not available to the people who only have permanent residence.
  • If you get the citizenship, your children can also become Australian citizens from birth itself, no matter what your origin is in the country. It means that your children get all the rights and the privilege any other Australian-born children will get. They do not need to apply for citizenship after a period like it is done in some other countries.
  • You become eligible to move to New Zealand permanently once you become an Australian citizen. You get to live and work there without any hassle and get all the benefits like pension and other government aid.

You need a professional assessment before you apply for Australian citizenship. You can take the help of NTRUST for this and Australian citizenship application online. You can take their consultation, and they will guide you through the entire application process. So, Singapore-based people can contact NTRUST and get assistance for the entire process of Australian citizenship easily.

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