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The work of industrial products turned out as the biggest and most in-demand products in the market. Looking for the right manufacturer for your heavy industrial needs must be taken seriously. One of these industrial equipment and materials is the telescopic guides. What are these telescopic guides and what are their usage?

A guia telescopica has two basic types, commonly known as the following:

  1. Ball-type rolling element at the core.
  2. Cam-type roller bearing, which is the core element that carries the load.

These products are mostly designed in pairs.

Custom telescopic products

There are custom telescopic products available, such as:

  • Stainless steel telescopic guides
  • Bottom mount telescopic systems
  • Military-grade telescopic systems

The telescopic linear bearings

guia telescopica

When speaking of telescopic linear bearings, it is perfectly designed for high load capacity. The telescopic guides have the best running properties required for hardened raceways. The telescopic rail linear slides show a little deflection under lightweight loads, even if it is fully extended. The telescopic guides are 6 different series, namely:

  • ASN (ball type)
  • DEF (ball type)
  • DSS (ball type)
  • TLR (cam roller type)
  • TLQ (cam roller type)
  • TLN (cam roller type)

These are common series of telescopic guides manufactured according to their type. These products are in rigid in-between elements with double-T, S-shaped, or squared sections. It comes with over-extending or partial telescopic strokes that are available. The mentioned DMS63 series supports a load that reaches 3800kg per pair. The smoothness movement and extremely low deflection are still consistent in 24/7 applications, even in high loads. Some of the series are locked in a closed position. Additionally, the special strokes and versions are available upon request. With the increasing demand for durable telescopic guides, extendable telescopic guides were developed. It has a long-lasting liner guide service and high load-bearing capacity that guarantees functionality. So, any heavy industrial materials can be easily loaded with these high-quality bearings mounted.

The telescopic rails

Telescopic rails are another one of the most heavy-duty industrial products manufactured, which are attached to the over walls. These are perfect for heavier items. These are fully extendable that makes it easier on getting the food in and out and on checking on cooking, As you can see, these telescopic rails are not just used for warehouses wherein you will see heavy equipment. These can also be seen in kitchen appliances. It is usually attached to the appliances to help keep a safe kitchen environment.

Go for stainless telescopic linear guides

With the several types of telescopic linear guides available, stainless steel is best-selling. It is treated with cast iron and aluminum that works well in most washdown situations, like sterilization and washing. These stainless steel slides have an outstanding combination of the following:

  • High strength
  • Good mechanical properties
  • good corrosion resistance

So, if you are building the same equipment or machine, then these custom telescopic linear guides can be the best to use. Many users didn’t imagine how good stainless is but what makes it excellent is rust-free and corrosion-free. So, during cleaning, it doesn’t cause any problems like getting broken or rusted parts.

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