Know About The Phases Of ERP In Small And Midsize Business

No matter in what business you are working in, the ERP implementation is the best solution for all the critical projects are has to be taken seriously. From major concerns related to the costs and also for the demonstration of the ROI, for the practical considerations about who will be managing the process of your company. The implementation of the ERP in small and midsize business requires great commitment by the business leaders and also the constant support of the project team for ensuring higher success.

The ERP Implementation plan:

  • Discovery and planning: They very first begin during sales process and continues with the sale posts. During such phase, the ideal project team gets created where there are no initial meetings and the documentation also gets developed as the whole team starts working for identifying the potential solutions and also for the current issues. More importantly, the phase is the essential portion which is the basic construction of project plan that can serve as the best guide throughout whole project.
  • Designing: The designing phase in the project does not include the rearranging of furniture or painting work in its list, instead it is the wide system which consist of the implementation and the project team that works together for working out on several configurations for new system, for defining of the roles and also for some documentation and standard procedures.

erp in small and midsize business

  • Development: The main object of the ERP implementation development phase is the preparation of entire system for going online. It includes all the activities which include the completion of necessary configurations, the development of user trainings as well as the importing of data. With these ERP implementations, and like any other development software project. For solving your business problems, the development phase is the best as the solution.
  • The testing process: Both the development and testing phases will overlap often as the project team and the implementation jumps between two which constantly fine tunes the configuration. With the end of the phase, the project team member’s gets comfortable with their jobs in their new system. It is the main and final step before diving directly into the live system.
  • Deployment: The implementation team and the project team can easily access the situation and can make their final go or no decision. Prior for going live, the final data of the same gets validated and loaded.
  • Ongoing support: It is the phase of the ERP implementation that showers the business with complete support.

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