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Experimental Benefits of Lego Serious Play

Lego connects everybody irrespective of their race, cultural background, and position. Even when everybody is given a similar bag containing mixed lego bricks, each one tends to build something unique. Students utilize the lego elements as pictorial metaphors about their viewpoints or themselves. They build alliances between why they have created them, what these creations mean and why they picked up certain pieces and not others. With Lego serious play there can be no incorrect answers. If you ask a student group to assemble the lego bricks for a representation of themselves, you get a true and intimate look into every individual. The approach they have towards lego can procure valuable insights into their thinking and the way they have processed the bricks to build a noteworthy story.

In expansion to exacerbated classroom engagement, there are many other benefits when it comes to exploring lego serious play as a student. These benefits include

  • Learning articulation of ideas by storytelling
  • Prompting deeper reflection by the use of metaphors
  • Nurturing creative confidence
  • Learning to communicate
  • Knowing when to concede if a problem is unworthy of fighting

Becoming a better asset for the workplace 

Organizations require agile employees who can pivot ideas fast and solve problems. The experiential alternatives offered by lego serious play empower students with an opportunity to learn to create ideas, and play and test with the concepts and continue to move forward. Since playing with the lego bricks is like getting involved in a low-stakes activity, students hardly bother about making wrong moves. They become more inclined to experiment with different solutions.

Students play a scenario in real time and observe how it affects the system. They learn to implore layered questions which analyze the real reason as to why certain decisions are brought about in an organization.

Regardless of whether a student considers himself a creative individual or not, building using lego bricks compels their subconscious in thinking creatively. Lego serious play enables individuals to think in 3D and work in 3D, instead of looking at an issue on paper.

These skills are great assets to retain in a leadership position or for someone who leads the organization’s development at the workplace. Lego serious play enables students to create a close relation with future employment choices that can seldom be created by textbooks alone.

Lego serious play advocates and promotes 100% participation by its technique of building separately and allocating time for everybody to create individual models so that they share their ideas. It also advocates for shared perception which helps all individuals to be exemplified in the shared model js established. This methodology helps drive home the point that everyone in the workforce matters.

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