Putting Your Data in the Right Hands

All of us are afraid of someone who is not related to us or to our businesses who wants to know our data. By just simply knowing that they want to know what we are up to, it is already a case of spying or an attempt of data breaching. Of course, as an individual or someone who owns a private company, we do not want our private information to be publicized. But still, most of the computer experts nowadays will always try to hack into our system to attack it and to steal something from our private data.

There are many dangerous things that can happen if someone successfully made it into our computer network system, and these are some of them:

  1. We could lose a lot of our money and investment because most of the hackers are looking for the company’s assets first.
  2. Our customers and employee’s data are at risk. Their private information, including their house address, mobile number, and other personal details, are stored in our database and can easily spread to the public once breached.
  3. Hackers can also take down your system by just simply spreading viruses inside your system. It can cause huge trouble in your business.
  4. Your services became inoperable by experiencing DDoS attacks due to high traffic requested from you that your server cannot accommodate.

Many hackers today are just doing this kind of breaching information for fun, but some of them do it to steal information, spread fake news, and to earn money from doing it. There are a lot of different hackers with different purposes that are around us today, and these are the following known group of hackers that you may want to know:

  • White Hat Hackers – This group of hackers is allowed to get into the system of their target. They help businesses to secure their system by hacking them and tell them their security issues to make it reconfigured to be safe.
  • Black Hat Hackers – They are a group of hackers that do a lot of hacking for their own specific purposes. They are known as the bad guys who steal others’ information to make a profit and sell them to others for illegal use.
  • Grey Hat Hackers – By just understanding their colors, a grey hat is easily known as the middle of these two groups of hackers. However, their work is still considered illegal because they are also not allowed or permitted to hack a specific organization system.

Now that you know these different kinds of hackers, you will start to think of securing your business system. But don’t worry now, because today we have the Blackpanda that is much known for their cybersecurity services. They will help you secure your systems before the hackers get into your system.

They have a lot of digital forensics specialist that can help you trace some evidence that can lead to a hacker’s activity on your system when you are being hacked. Do not worry; you are already in the right hands, and hiring them won’t make you regret your once in a lifetime decision.

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